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My name is Örn Erlendsson, or "Össi".  


I'm a thirty-something Icelandic guy based in the capitol region of Iceland. 

Photography is my passion but my "nine-to-five" is as an architectural engineer in the lighting design industry. I've been fortunate to be able to link my passion for photography to my daily work and that has helped me grow as a photographer.

First and foremost I'm a husband and a father, but in my free time I'm a photographer, nature lover and day-dreamer, who loves to capture moments and beautiful scenes in photographs.

I see myself as a versatile photographer capable of tackling whatever project my client might have in mind.  I invite you to explore my portfolio and commission work. If you find that I might be the right fit for a project that you have in mind or you would like to purchase prints or photographs for digital use, you are welcome to contact me through any of my social media platforms.

Have a nice one!

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